Fujitsu, RIKEN and the University of Tsukuba Recognized at HPC Challenge Awards

RIKEN, the University of Tsukuba and Fujitsu today announced that they were recognized in the 2013 HPC Challenge Awards.


The TOP500 Celebrates 20th Anniversary, Will it Survive 20 More?

The TOP500 has provided a ranking of systems for two decades in a consistent fashion, which has provided the high-performance community with a way to compare systems and to establish targets for vendors to deliver increased capabilities to the most challenging applications.


Fujitsu : K computer No. 1 in Four Benchmarks at HPC Challenge Awards
The HPC Challenge Awards demonstrate that, in addition to achieving successive top-place rankings on the June and November 2011 editions of the TOP500 list measuring LINPACK computational speed, the K computer is evaluated very highly in all-around performance as a general-purpose supercomputer. The K computer is currently under joint development by RIKEN and Fujitsu. Read more...

Jaguar and Kraken Shine in Supercomputing Challenge
The Jaguar and Kraken supercomputers housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Leadership Computing Facility and the University of Tennessee's National Institute for Computational Sciences continued to demonstrate their balanced architectures this week, taking half the top spots in this year's High-Performance Computing (HPC) Challenge.

The challenge gives the world's most powerful systems an opportunity to demonstrate the range of hardware and software capabilities necessary for a useful supercomputer


Earth Simulator Wins First Place in the HPC Challenge Awards
The HPC Challenge Awards are designed to evaluate four key measures that represent frequently used numerical operation patterns in scientific computing. Among them, the Global FFT is widely utilized in important scientific applications, such as climate modeling, which is critical to tackling environmental issues, and solid-earth geophysics, including seismic analysis, as well as designing of new materials.

The award-winning performance of the Earth Simulator on the Global FFT demonstrates the system's exceptional processing capabilities on real scientific application software.

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